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About us

Gefest Electro , LTD. is the supplier of high quality laser optical products from leading manufacturers around the world. On Russian market we distribute products of the following companies (the links below will direct to pages in Russian language):


We also manufacture our own products: powerful DPSS lasers, picoecond lasers, laser drivers and laser coolers.

Company background

1996 - Saint-Petersburg ELectronics and Lasers (SPELL), Inc. was founded by group of scientists from Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute (Russian Academy of Science) having background in diode laser and solid state laser physics.

For several years the firm was cooperating with Laser Fare, Providence, USA. As a result, a novel grating coupled surface emitting laser diodes had been developed.  

Some laser technologies and laser equipment had been developed and manufactured by IT: CO2 laser cutting station for printing industry (for Creative Coating, Charlotte, NC, USA), Nd:YAG laser glass etching stations for artistic imaging, Nd:YAG laser stations for metal sheet cutting, etc.   

2003 - the firm was restructured and got a current name Amitech , Inc.

Since 2003 Amitech serves as distributor of Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics in Russia and since 2012 also of Northrop Grumman Synoptics.

For last 5 years the firm is involved in R&D work on DPSS lasers with main focus on pulsed lasers of high intensity and air cooled lasers. 

As an example,  a 0.3J & 100Hz& 20 ns MOPA architecture DPSS near single mode laser was built for Ioffe Institute, which is being now used  in nanotechnology. Another example, a 1000Hz near single mode pulsed “green” 16 mJ&10 ns DPSS laser for pumping Ti: sapphire amplifier is now under construction.

The firm has a small production facility; the firm's staff consists of 4 permanent individuals, more people sometimes are hired on contact basis.

President of IT is PHD Alexander Volkov.